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The vape kit that has everybody buzzing — discreet, sleek, judgment-free.

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Our next-gen, rechargeable, disposable, ready-to-vape pen.

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turntonic (non-cannabis)

Small batch craft brews and seltzers made with love (and alcohol) in Southern California.

podpak is here

| 2x the grams | 2x the flavors | 2x the strains |
| 2x the clouds | 2x the journey |
| 2x the TRUtaste™ | 8x the battery life |

led indicator
LED indicator
led indicator
led indicator
led indicator

a new era starts now // are you coming?

the podpak

perfectly portable in every way

We thought podpak through to the tiniest detail:

  • Podpak = big battery charging case
  • Flash-charges in 5 minutes (podpen)
  • Holds 1 vape (podpen) + 2 pods
  • Charges podpen up to 8x
  • Compact, discreet, mess-free
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Keeps cannabis aroma contained
  • Pocket friendly

Are they earbuds? Are they fancy mints?
Don’t ask, don’t tell.

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hero 2

the podpen

we keep it 100 so you don’t have to

Keep podpen in its podpak charging case and it’ll always be ready to rip at peak efficiency for optimal performance all day.

  • Always 100: always charged to 100% when stored in podpak after each use
  • Flash-charges in 5 minutes
  • Strong magnetic connectors for effortless pod swap-ability
  • 2x vents (carbs) help you control airflow


a flavor experience so intense, we ™’ed it

Forget IMAX; this is the world’s most immersive 4D experience — almost like you’re tasting the REAL thing. How do we do it?

// s i m p l i c i t y //

Designed with simplicity at its core, podpak doesn’t have cheap materials — just the right ones.

And we surround your oil with as little of it as possible, so nothing comes between you and the golden glory of your flavorful flower!

The turn terpologists wouldn’t have it any other way.

PSA: Other devices use lower-end materials like cotton or bad-for-you metals that screw up the flavor (and your lungs). Metals and cotton, what have you been smoking?!

It’s 3D, it’s 4D, it’s 5D! Is that a thing? Who cares, it’s TRUtaste™.

hero 2
hero 2

the pods

crafted with care + maximum intention

What’s worse than incredible oil ruined by a pen that’s too hot or not hot enough?

Paying $$ for it. We engineered turn pods to treat your oil like the VIP it is.

  • Precise heating tech treats various viscosities
  • No buttons, no guesswork, no user error
  • Perfectly calibrated design for free n’ easy airflow

the batteries

1 podpak // 2 batteries

Keeping it 100 with | 2x top-line batteries | 2x the support | 2x the reliability | 8x the power |

Store podpen in its podpak charging case, and it’ll always be ready to rip at peak efficiency for means optimal function all day, full-flavored hits, and unrelenting support.

  • 1 full podpak charge = 8 podpen charge cycles 
  • podpen flash-charges in 5 minutes
  • podpak quick-charges in 25 minutes 
  • Up to 400 total pulls 
  • Compatible with any USB-C 

With other vapes, performance starts suffering from that first battery-draining pull. Never with podpak.

hero 1

LED battery indicators

**select a device to view details**
picure of turn pen next the podpakpicure of turn pen next the podpak

podpen LED battery indicator

(manual found on podpak box)

These are the small lights on your podpen that illuminate when you inhale to indicate:

Pod is connected
Airflow is present and ripping just right

See the small dot above the three led lines on the front of your podpak?

Green = podpen is charged
Red = podpen is charging

podpak: the diagram

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