turn up

Turn up strains are made to energize, incentivize, and realize. From creative pursuits and social interactions to simply feeling upbeat or hitting the gym, there’s something here for everyone to turn to.

energy – focus – bliss – create – engage

| sativa or s-hybrid | 100% live resin or distillate x botanica |

turn down

We got you, boo. Pick your potion from a variety of live resin and distillate x botanica strains packed with 85-95% THC. Perfect for an after-dinner chill sesh, post-workout cooldown, sleeping like a baby, or just de-stressing after a long day. From sweet and sour to blueberry muffins, there’s a tasty treat for all palates.

relax – soothe – chill – recover – sleep

| indica or i-hybrid | 100% live resin or distillate x botanica |

our device

Sleek and slim, perfect for sliding into the teeny weeny pocket of your jeans that seems to serve no other purpose. Take turn with you everywhere for relief wherever you may need it.

NO toxins. NO metals. NO buttons.

| chargeable | ceramic heat element | recyclable |

our cannabis

There’s a lot of less-than-stellar smoke out there and we don’t want you turning to anything that isn’t legit. Our cannabis is never cut with junk fillers and oils and never treated with pesticides. We know because we screen every batch.

| locally tolled | vegan & gluten free | cleaner taste |

| locally tolled | vegan & gluten-free | cleaner taste |

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