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The vape kit that has everybody buzzing — discreet, sleek, judgment-free.

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Our next-gen, rechargeable, disposable, ready-to-vape pen.

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turntonic (non-cannabis)

Small batch craft brews and seltzers made with love (and alcohol) in Southern California.

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oil type: live resin

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strain: i-hybrid

crenshaw melon


taste: blueberry tar

feeling: original gangster

memory: the homies

She’s a rare one! Coming from Mojo JoJo x Watermelon Zkittlez, Crenshaw Melon hits quick, then mellows into a positive, perceptive calm. An impressive range of terpenes — like linalool (lavender) and caryophyllene (pepper) — makes it handy for everything from stubbed toes to achy-breaky hearts.

device type: ready-to-vape pen, 1.0g


100% live resin

how to use

1. Remove pen from packaging

2. Unplug the stopper located at the top

3. Pull, inhale, enjoy

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