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The vape kit that has everybody buzzing — discreet, sleek, judgment-free.

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Our next-gen, rechargeable, disposable, ready-to-vape pen.

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turntonic (non-cannabis)

Small batch craft brews and seltzers made with love (and alcohol) in Southern California.

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oil type: live resin

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strain: s-hybrid



taste: garlic knots

feeling: warm embrace

memory: cinque terre

A tantalizing fusion of Chemdawg and Gelatti brings forth a vibrant symphony of earthy, zesty citrus and herbal garlic notes while smattering the palate with hints of peppercorn, sweet fruit, and sage. The experience is reputedly one of arousal and blissful joy, with sensations of tranquility, tingles, and a gentle drift into sleep.

device type: ready-to-vape pen, 1.0g


100% live resin

how to use

1. Remove pen from packaging

2. Unplug the stopper located at the top

3. Pull, inhale, enjoy

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