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The vape kit that has everybody buzzing — discreet, sleek, judgment-free.

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Our next-gen, rechargeable, disposable, ready-to-vape pen.

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oil type: live resin

taste: turpentine pine

feeling: tko

memory:  training

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. This heavy hitter boasts a pronounced profile that combines sweet berries and diesel with tar, tea, pine, and pepper. Loved for its purported appetite and mental clarity-inducing power, it's often sought for its ability to promote sleep and ease stress. Expect the ultimate palate punch followed by a decompression session.

device type: podpak podpen



Cannabis oil, terpenes.¹

¹All terpenes are naturally occurring and contribute to the flavor or aroma of cannabis. turn does not use synthetic additives, ever.

how to use

remove cap, insert into podpen, inhale for 3 seconds

charging Instructions:

1) insert pod into podpen

2) insert podpen into podpak

3) when LED dot turns green podpen is fully charged

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